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The Tech Team checklist

It’s been a minute since I was here, but hopefully I can pen something useful for you today. Does your team currently have a tech team checklist? I’m not talking about in your head, or your to do list for just you. Do you have a checklist that is visible and accessible for your entire tech team to run through before a service?

The background to this post is that we all have things we need to make sure we do before the start of any church service. For us, this list of items lived in my head for a very long time. However, because I am so familiar with the various parts of what needs to be done on a Sunday, I was able to get various services to go mostly well without the need of an actual checklist. That said, I am also aware that not everyone on the team is like me. I have had a few people join the team this year and this meant they needed to get familiar with everything as quickly as possible. Turns out the checklist was what we needed. It wasn’t until I attended a church tech team training for volunteers at a church in my city that has a bigger team and even more things to look after from a technical perspective that I decided to implement one for our team.

I quickly realized that in order to be efficient in a larger context than where our church is right now, I needed to equip my team in the now. In other words, as the church continues to grow, so will the responsibilities and when that happens, we want to be ready by setting a good foundation for us now. So I got back and decided to go through the various aspects of what we need to get done to be ready for a Sunday service to create a checklist for my team.

To date, we have been using it for weeks now and it has been helpful to get everyone accountable for their area but to also give us a good starting point for readiness for our Sunday service. It also means, in the event that I am not available for a Sunday service, the team can refer to checklist and use that to walk in comfortably into the a Sunday service. It also became a way to give a big picture into how everything fits together which the flow of the service. It has built a sense of responsibility for the team as they are able to use it pre-service for the part of the ministry they are serving at each week.

For the person wondering how we implemented it, well, ours is simple. Our checklist is on paper and we have a date (for the service), and the tasks split into pre- and post service items for the audio, presentation and video tasks. We also have the initial next to each item for the person who checked that task.

I hope this encourages you to put together a checklist, no matter how few tasks you need to get through each week for your various services. As is commonly mentioned, preparedness is a key to the success of what we do as production teams and this is just one way to help our teams prepare.


Published by Rumbi Chigumira

I am passionate about technology and media. Having grown up with a love for music, I joined the media ministry at my local church and have found a big passion being behind the scenes. I want to share my knowledge from serving in the media team with the hope that we can all grow together and serve our churches better.

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